The iBeacon Technology

Augment your customer experience

The Beacon is a small and flexible transmitter that, interacting with applications generally installed on smartphones or tablets, can connect to the Internet settings and objects of a different nature and magnitude. Thanks to the Beacon, it’s possible to create developed systems like IoT (Internet of Things), where things turn into “speakers” and the relationship’s center, through the sharing of informations on the Web.
Adacto has developed a great expertise based on this technology, to give birth to exciting and surprising customer journeys, that exploit the crosschannels to "boost" the experience and make it unique.

Through a connection and a Beacon-ready application specific content can be transmitted, even in push mode, depending on the user's position.
The user who enters the range of the Beacon receives directly on their smartphone contextualized and relevant messages to their status.
Applications and content of Beacon systems are the most varied: insights into a work of art, instructions on how to use an object, accreditations and invitations to events that take place where the user is, information, offers on a product at the very moment in which we are admiring it in the window.

In addition, by integrating the app with profiling systems that record the behavior of users on developed data hubs, Beacon allow to create highly personalized customer experience, to recognize the individual user and intercept him with riconoscere il singolo utente e intercettarlo con messaggi di digital advertising messages targeted and designed properly around him.

Adacto has to its credit numerous case histories of augmented experience realized with Beacon + Mobile App systems for the enhancement of artistic masterpieces, to create surprising display systems and for the digital interaction in the context of major events.
Thanks to its expertise and to the collaboration with Estimote, s also able to realize installations that connect - seamless - different touch points, including the monitor in store used for digital signage.

The Beacon technology works on all smartphones with Bluetooth version 4.0 or later and if interfaced with an App and an online content management system, allows you to create a simple communication, structure, light and fully customizable.