Conad renovates and personalizes its digital prizes catalogue thanks to Adacto and Volponi

The Agency and Volponi joined their competences for a new full digital edition of the catalogue of Conad.


The Agency and Volponi joined their competences in the field of communication, technology and marketing for a new full digital edition of the catalogue of Conadb>: richer, easier and much more interactive.

Adacto and the marketing enterprise Volponi, together one more time for Conad, curated the new digital release of the prizes catalogue for points collection, that this year presents new sections and functions.

Adacto created and developed a website dedicated to the catalogue, which integrates not only the general structure of the general collection, but also the localisations of the initiative corresponding to the specific cooperatives that area involved in it. Therefore the user, logging in to the website is able to get the points balance and the list of prizes he can request with the collection MiPremio 2017.

The customer caring is not over: the whole structure of the website has been reshaped in order to guarantee an easy and customized user experience. Firstly, the catalogue was rationalized into interests sectors that simplify the navigation; along to this the website was enriched with editorial contents that guide the user to those prizes that more suit him.

At last, the catalogue is growing richer with a series of special prizes that can be customized thanks to a program. For example the client will be able to choose the model, the colour and the pattern to apply on the sport bag he picked as prize or determine the message he wants to have impressed on his favourite pot. Adacto looked after all the steps of the project, starting from the plan and the design, and during all the process of develop and the system integration of the platform, always caring about the Customer Experience Management.