The partnership between Adacto and Splio is born.

Adacto, Digital Native Agency and Splio, provider of CEM solutions, combine their competences to turn interactions into close relation.

Relationship MktgCrosschannel communication

Today the order word for who invests in Marketing and Communication is “to offer experiences”: persuasive experiences, personalized experiences, experiences that can be seen comfortably from all touchpoints, experiences that excite and amaze.
But in practice, how is offered a brand experience effective and useful? To answer this question, Adacto and Splio have joined their forces, integrating the experience of Adacto in the realization of integrated and multichannel communication projects with SPRING, the Customer Experience Management platform of Splio, to manage the relationship with the user along his daily journey, through processes of Marketing Automation, Loyalty and Clienteling.
The result is a customer centric approach, able to make the brand communication more effective in all its touchpoints and the experience of the user a happier one. Thanks to the integration between the two companies, the service starts with the strategic analysis and the planning of promotional processes, to understand every step of the grounding of the campaign: the creative realization, the declination of content and formats on the various channels, profiling and targeted delivery, until the measurement of the results for cluster users.
The marketing actions are managed through SPRING, the CEM platform of Splio, sophisticated but intuitive, that allows to centralize the collected datas on the user in just a single hub, to segment them in an accurate and intuitive way, in order to execute marketing automation activities of all touchpoints in a personalized way, then by measuring the results on the individual targets.