Pricked ears for the new amplifon careers website

A new communication strategy to attract competitive new talents and contribute to the affirmation of the new brand identity

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Amplifon Italia has chosen Adacto to attract new talents into his company and to present itself as a destination brand for those looking for a new professional opportunity. Adopting a new communication strategy, in line with the new company positioning, the Careers website offers contents that go beyond a therapeutical aspect, it concentrates on all the emotions of hearing. Adacto has shaped this philosophy with multimedia contents, careing of all the aspects pf the project, from creativity to the final content strategy.

Design, advertising, infographics, interviews, artciles, socials, they all allow to interact with different listeners. Students, audiologists, corporate profiles: in the new website Amplifon Careers Italia it is easy to understand “How your future sound like”. At the center of this content strategy there is an important video production (BinJip) and promotional videos, that illustrate the careers available in Amplifon. Interviews of people already working in the Company have been realized and they witness the opportunities and advantages offered in Amplifon. The bases of the content strategy definition have been so that solid thanks to the target analysis done by Semio, the Agency Semiotic Unit