Semio is born, the new unit of Adacto specialized in strategic consulting

Adaptive Semiotics designed for your company, from brand identity to e–commerce


Semio is the new unit of Adacto, that adapts the traditional semiotic method to the new communication channels in order to meet needs of that brands, that are now coping with an identity at the same time physical and virtual and that have the opportunity to activate new touchpoints to their customers. Semio offers enterprise tools for the positioning of the brand, for tracking competitors and analysing the communication mix. It combines traditional instruments of desk/field research with innovative methods, derived from buzz analysis, search engine analysis and performance analysis of business properties, especially of e-commerce.

The practical goal is to improve the entire communication workflow of the company and to boost relational and transactional results, by using update tools of research and analysis as a first and integrated part of the creative process. Semio’s approach is based on the original concept of Adaptive Semiotics, a kind of semiotics that is able to interpret the company needs, its strategic objectives, its business performance, its constant need to empathize with people both in physical and in digital contexts and to integrate these different touchpoints more and more. Adaptive Semiotics is an approach that actively affects the structure of the digital ecosystem of a brand, it makes the content production more relevant and it optimizes user experiences in a multi-channel, multi-device, multi-topic, multi-user, multi-moment perspective. Semio comes from a partnership: Adacto welcomes and hosts Antonio Paolo e Silvia Viti, two semioticians who share theories and methods, but who come from different career paths. Both the two are sure to find a mutual fulfillment in the new reality. As Andrea Cinelli - General Manager of Adacto – explains "Semio is born to make the Agency to express a deeper expertise in terms of strategy and analysis of the communication process. For this reason, along with Antonio Paolo - who had already been one of us for almost two years - and Silvia Viti - with whom we have been working for a long time - we decided to launch this initiative. The context where we operate, an agency originally based on strong integrated skills, allows us to extend the semiotic approach to executive phases and to work very different from the other realities in our field. Together we will lead differential value and superior effectiveness in areas that are now very delicate and sensitive to the business, such as SEO. Given this original approach, with Semio we have just decided to found an innovative start-up, which is autonomous and, at the same time, closely connected to our core structure". Less than a month after its birth, Semio has already gained significant commitments and it is already working both for new business and for some historical customers of the Agency. Maggiori informazioni e contatti su